Bee Creek Farms/Southern Tasty Treats
Contact: Don & Ruth Driggers
City: Vincent, AL, 35178
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About Us
We are Don and Ruth Driggers of Bee Creek Farms and Southern Tasty Treats. Our hives are centrally located in Shelby County, Alabama. We have been beekeeping, harvesting and educating for many years, bringing you the finest pure raw honey as well as our star ingredient in our wonderful creamed honey.
Southern Tasty Treats started as a side business to our local garden shop and honey products. With hand selected gourmet and flavored pecans, decadent chocolates and old fashioned candies, we bring the freshest, highest quality products to our customers.

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Local, Pure, Raw... What does this mean about my honey?

'Local' signifies benefits of adding honey to your diet that is typically honey made by bees from plants grown in a specific region. 'Pure' is a term meaning nothing is added or taken away from the bee's natural honey. The term 'Raw' means honey has not been put through a heat process.