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City: Birmingham, AL,
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Hello from my happy little corner of Sweet Home Alabama!!

My name is Misty Bevis Kimbrough, and I am a Palette-knife Artist and Ceramist specializing in sculpture and dimensions. My greatest passion in life is creating! I truly hope this is reflected in each piece I design.

Being a Palette-knife Artist means I don't paint in the traditional one-dimensional format with brushes, instead I layer on tons of paint, plaster, and other mediums and then sculpt and manipulate it with my knife. This allows me to create dramatic raised "buttery" areas, along with contrasting deep valleys to show movement and emotion living in each of my pieces. Some of my work is so heavily textured it has taken as long as 3 weeks for one piece to dry. I am self-taught in this amazing technique known as "Impasto Painting", or as I refer to my work, "Sculptural Painting".

A freak accident that damaged my hand and arm lead me into Ceramics in a very unexpected way. My Physical Therapist suggested using clay to rehab my injury, and it was love at first ‘squeeze”! Not only did it help heal my injury quicker than expected, it opened up a whole new world for me! I create unique floral-inspired sculptures and vessels that are hand-built from porcelain clay and intricately detailed with real 22kt gold to give each piece heirloom quality. I chose porcelain as my clay of choice because of both its extreme strength as well as how it holds such delicate forms.

Whether I am painting or sculpting, my primary focus is creating highly dimensional forms of work that urge viewers to touch and explore each piece.